Nokia N800

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Nokia N800
BrandNokia Nseries
DeveloperNokia Corporation
First releasedJanuary 17, 2007; 16 years ago
Availability by regionJanuary 2007
DiscontinuedMay 29, 2009; 13 years ago
SuccessorNokia N810 (2007)
Front cameraNP786-908332
Made inUnited States

Nokia N800 Internet tablet is an Nokia Nseries tablet was developed of Nokia Corporation, and release for worldwide on January 17, 2007. After announced of Nokia N800 in December 31, 2006. In May 2008, Mobile World Congress announced they were be disabled of Nokia N800, the old internet tablet of Nokia Nseries, because was no longer about release in worldwide and will be discontinued on May 29, 2009.

History[change | change source]

In early 2006, Nokia Corporation announced they will be release new internet tablet on late 2006 early 2007, after announced release. In February 18, 2006, Mobile World Congress announced that Nokia internet tablet name is Nokia N800 or Nokia N800 Internet tablet (in The New York Times write name is ''Nokia N800 Tablet'' pubilc on March 12, 2006).

On December 14, 2006. Nokia N800 has begined announcement in United States of ''Internet Connection of Worldwide'' was write by Siiasmaa. In early January 2007, Nokia announced Nokia N800 will be release on January 17.

In January 9. Nokia N800 release of Canada, in January 12 release of United Kingdom. In January 17, 2007. Nokia N800 is release of United States. After release, in January 20. Nokia N800 begin of worldwide.

Later-discontinued[change | change source]

In February 2008, the sales of Nokia N800 has begin 80% dollar bills after people buy Nokia N800. In May 2008, Mobile World Congress announced they were be disable sales of Nokia N800 and Nokia N800 internet tablet on May 2009, because was no longer about release in 2007.

In June 11, 2008. Nokia N800 has discontinued of Canada, in September 28, 2008 discontinued of United Kingdom. In May 29, 2009. Nokia announced Nokia N800 has discontinued of worldwide.

In February 11, 2019. Nokia N800 announced website will be pubilc on WayBack Machine and history of Nokia N800 launched on BetaWiki website.