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Non Stop is a French rolling-news television program on BFMTV. Airing in various timeslots throughout the daytime hours and serving as BFMTV's de facto flagship news program, it features national and international news, along with sports, business and weather updates. Initially, it was an image-only show.

History[change | change source]

Non Stop debuted in 2005 (as the channel's launch) and was formatted as a program devoted to hard news. It broadcast weekdays from 9:30am to 6pm, and all weekend (with two half-hour interruptions by Guillaume Vanhems at 7pm and 8pm). Its format only showed news and weather, and did not feature on-air talent in any kind.

In an update of schedule in May 9, 2006, the image-only format was now only featured in weekends, because weekday editions now saw presenters: Guillaume Vanhems (9:30am-1pm), Jean-Alexandre Baril (1-4:30pm) and Stéphanie de Muru (4:30-6pm). The format was also revived: news every 15 minutes, with replay weather every half-hour. Weekend image-only editions were also interrupted longer, now from 6pm to 9pm, presented by Thomas Sotto.

In January 2007, the show's shift was relaunched, now only two presenters: Jean-Alexandre Baril from 9:30am to 2pm, then Stéphanie de Muru from 2pm to 6pm.

In 4 June 2007, Baril's shift no longer ended at 2pm, but at noon instead to make way for Midi|14H with Florence Duprat and Thomas Misrachi.

In September 2007, Gilane Barret dropped the image-only block each weekend from 9pm to midnight.

In February 2008, Stéphanie de Muru lost her Monday and Tuesday afternoon shift of the show, as Gilane Barret joined it and worked on these days. Also, Barret dropped Non Stop Week-End completely in the late slot (10pm-midnight), and unveiled an all-new show: Week-End 360, alongside Stéphanie de Muru. 9-10pm block now featured Non-Stop Week-End again.

19 May 2008 brought a wide variety of changes to the show. It saw the introduction of the two-presenter format, and as a result, Diane Gouffrant joined the morning edition from 9am to noon with Baril, and the current Week-End 360's team, Stéphanie de Muru and Gilane Barret, rejoined the show's afternoon edition from 2pm to 5pm. Rachid M'Barki filled in for Barret when he was away.

In September 2008, the show's anchor team was changed completely. The co-host for Jean-Alexandre Baril was now Roselyne Dubois; the former morning team, who became newscasters for midday Midi Ruth Elklief, run Non Stop from 2pm to 3pm; and the former midday team, Florence Duprat and Thomas Misrachi, joined the show's afternoon edition.

Also at this year, the 6pm-midnight block no longer aired Non Stop. It was now occupied by two QG de l'info 6-7pm and 8-9pm with Marc Autheman, then Week-End 360 9pm-midnight with Rachid M'Barki and Diane Gouffrant.

In January 2010, afternoon Non Stop was pushed back an hour, now running from 2pm to 5pm as a result of the expansion of Midi Ruth Elklief and the debut of BFM Story.

In March 2010, the weekend Non Stop no longer just featured the news and weather, but now included various chronicles, like press reviews in the morning daypart.

At the end of April 2010, several presenters exchanged their shift to each other on BFMTV. Ronald Guintrange and Roselyne Dubois was now the show's morning presenters; while afternoon edition was presented by Jean-Alexandre Baril and Florence Duprat.

In summer 2010, the show's afternoon edition went back to its normal broadcasting time: from 3pm to 6pm, as a result of the debut of the new Midi|15H.

In September 2011, BFMTV shifted Non Stop from broadcasting half of the day (without presenters) to multi shows with set hosts and tone. Fabien Combé (from RNC) and Céline Pitelet joined the new Week-End Première from 6am to 10am; then Non Stop Week-End and Midi|14H Week-End with Stéphanie de Muru and Rachid M'Barki from 10am to 2pm; and finally Non Stop Week-End with Céline Couratin, Graziella Rodrigues and Jean-Alexandre Baril from 2pm to 6pm. Mathieu Coache replaced Baril on the 3-6pm weekday block of the show.

At the end of August 2012, several main changes of Non Stop including: Mathieu Coache (now became BFMTV's Washington correspondent) was replaced by Damien Gourlet as afternoon co-host; as a result, the new morning co-host alongside Florence Duprat was now Gilane Barret. On weekends, Stéphanie de Muru had two more presenters: Frédéric de Lanouvelle and François Gapihan on her Non Stop Week-End from 10am to noon (then include Midi|14H Week-End), and Sandra Gandoin, who previously served as fill-in for Céline Couratin on afternoon Non Stop Week-End, now replaced her permanently.

In September 2014, morning Non Stop Week-End was extended, as a result of the cancellation of Midi|14H Week-End. Also, the new weekend afternoon team for the show was Philippe Gaudin and Graziella Rodrigues.

In September 2015, the teams anchoring Non Stop Week-End were shifted. While Stéphanie de Muru and Philippe Gaudin presented from 10am to 2pm, Céline Pitelet and Igor Sahiri anchored the 2-6pm block.

In September 2016, BFM Politique with Apolline de Malherbe became the first live programme to cut into Sunday's Non Stop Week-End, from noon to 2pm.

In 2017, four major changes of the show including:

  • Roselyne Dubois will go on a maternity leave. Aurélie Casse will fill in for her.
  • Lucie Nuttin now joined 3-6pm Non Stop Week-End.
  • As a result of Stéphanie de Muru left BFMTV (from 2 June 2017), Florence Duprat, the former afternoon anchor, now had a new shift: weekend morning anchor from 10am to noon.
  • Duprat will also present an hour-long magazine: Priorité au décryptage at 2pm and 5pm. As a result, afternoon Non Stop Week-End will only air from 3pm to 5pm.