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North Riding of Yorkshire

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County of York, North Riding
Official flag of the North Riding of Yorkshire
Flag of North Riding (2013)

North Riding shown within England
 • 19111,359,600 acres (5,502 km2)
 • 19611,376,607 acres (5,570.93 km2)
 • 1901286,036
 • 1971329,410
 • Created1889
 • Abolished1974
 • Succeeded byNorth Yorkshire
County Durham
then Administrative county
Chapman codeNRY
GovernmentNorth Riding County Council (1889-1974)
 • HQNorthallerton
Arms of the County Council of the North Riding of Yorkshire
Coat of arms of North Riding County Council

The North Riding of Yorkshire is one of the three historic subdivisions (ridings) of the English county of Yorkshire, alongside the East and West ridings. They have never been abolished along with the other historic counties and they are three of the historic counties of England, which do not change and neither do their boundaries. These can be found in the UK new passport inside the back cover as a hologram.

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