Northern Rhodesia

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Protectorate of Northern Rhodesia
Protectorate of the United Kingdom




Flag Coat of arms
God Save the Queen
Location of Northern Rhodesia in Southern Africa.
Capital Livingstone (until 1935)
Lusaka (from 1935)
Language(s) English
Government Republic
 - 1924–1927 Sir Herbert Stanley
 - 1959–1964 Sir Evelyn Hone
Prime Minister
 - 1964 Kenneth Kaunda
Historical era Interwar period · Cold War
 - British South Africa Company
 - British protectorate 1 April 1924
 - Federated with Nyasaland
 - Independence 24 October 1964
Currency Southern Rhodesian pound

Northern Rhodesia was a territory in south central Africa. It was founded in 1911. It became independent in 1964 as Zambia.

The term "Rhodesia" in geography meant a region which is now Zambia and Zimbabwe.[1] From 1964 on, it only meant Southern Rhodesia.

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