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Noto Peninsula

Coordinates: 37°12′N 136°54′E / 37.2°N 136.9°E / 37.2; 136.9
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Noto Peninsula
Native name:
Landsat image with high-resolution data from Space Shuttle
Topographic map of Noto Peninsula
Noto Peninsula is located in Japan
Noto Peninsula
Noto Peninsula
Location in Japan
LocationSea of Japan
Coordinates37°12′N 136°54′E / 37.2°N 136.9°E / 37.2; 136.9
PrefectureIshikawa Prefecture

The Noto Peninsula (能登半島, Noto-hantō) is a peninsula that lies north into the Sea of Japan from the coast of Ishikawa Prefecture in central Honshū, the main island of Japan. The name comes from Ainu not 'cape' or noto 'big cape'.[1]

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