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Map where one can see the Odenwald within Germany

The Odenwald is a mountain chain in the south of Hesse, in the north of Bavaria and the north of Baden-Württemberg.

Geography[change | change source]

In the south of the Odenwald there is the Neckar River. In the east there is the Main River . In the west there is the valley of the Rhine River. The highest mountain is the Katzenbuckel (literally "cat's hump", 626 m).

Neighboring cities[change | change source]

The big cities Mannheim and Frankfurt am Main are near to the Odenwald. People of these cities like to go there at holidays. It is known for its clean thin air. There are many marked hiking paths. You can find wild blueberries, strawberries and mushrooms in the forests.

Several small towns are very beautiful like Weinheim on the Bergstraße and Michelstadt. The mild climate of the area is well known.