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An electronic odometer (below) with digital display

An odometer or odograph[1][2] is an instrument that shows the distance traveled by a vehicle, such as a bicycle or automobile. It can be electronic, mechanical, or a combination of the two. The name comes from the Greek words hodós ("path" or "gateway") and métron ("measure"). It is sometimes called a mileometer or milometer. The odometer could either be mechanical, electronic or a combination of both. In some countries, odometers are also popularly known as mileometer or tripometer.

An Odometer was first developed for wagons and other horse-drawn vehicles in the 1600s for measuring the distances they travelled. The first odometer for an automobile was developed by Arthur P. and Charles H. Warner of Beloit, Wisconsin which appeared in 1903 and was soon patented as the Auto-Meter.

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