Offensive tackle

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The positioning of the offensive tackles in a play.

In American and Canadian football, offensive tackles (OT, T) are a part of the offensive line. As is other offensive linemen, their job is to block the players on the defense from getting to the offensive player who has the football.

Positions in American football and Canadian football
Offense Defense Special teams
Linemen Guard, Tackle, Center Linemen Tackle, End, Nose tackle Kicking players Placekicker, Punter, Kickoff specialist
Quarterback Linebackers Snapping Long snapper, Holder
Backs Halfback, Fullback, H-back Backs Cornerback, Safety Returning Punt returner, Kick returner
Receivers Wide receiver, Tight end, Slotback Nickelback, Dimeback Tackling Gunner
Formations - Nomenclature