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Olivença (Spanish: Olivenza) is a territory disputed by Portugal and Spain. The territory was under Portuguese rule between 1297 (Treaty of Alcañices) and 1801. Then, it was occupied and ruled by Spain. After the Napoleonic Wars, Spain promised to give Olivença back to Portugal. It still has not done this to this day.

Portugal does not recognize the Spanish rule of the Olivença/Olivenza territory. Therefore, the border between Portugal and Spain in the Olivença/Olivenza region has never been defined.

Olivença/Olivenza territory is 750 Km2 in area.

Besides the town, the territory of Olivença/Olivenza includes seven villages:

  • S. Francisco,
  • S. Rafael,
  • Vila Real / Villareal,
  • S. Domingos de Gusmão / Santo Domingo de Guzmán,
  • S. Bento da Contenda / San Benito de la Contienda,
  • S. Jorge de Alor and
  • Táliga.