Omar Souleyman

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Omar Souleyman

Omar Souleyman (born 1966) is a singer from Syria.[1]

He began singing professionally in 1994. He has sung at Syrian weddings. He has made records of his music. He has made more than 500 live albums.[2] His success and popularity in Syria led to performances in other countries, starting in 1977. Those countries were Canada, Australia, the United States, and ones in Europe.[2][3]

Souleyman is backed by various bands with many different instruments. "[H]is dizzying use of ululating keyboards, pounding synthesied beats and throaty vocals pays homage to dabke, a `middle Eastern line-dance synonymous with weddings and other celebrations."[2] According to reviewer Tshepo Mokoena, his songs are all about love and companionship.[2]

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