Online dating

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Since the 2010s, Internet dating has become more popular with smartphones.

Online dating is using websites or special applivations to find like-minded users to connect and interact with each other. People can find romantic relationships, or partners for sex on such platforms. Most often, people who are single use these platforms.

Commonly, peole create an account, and add details to their profile. The platform then allows them to find other people with similar profiles. When they are searching, people could then filter the results to only include other people who are close, or who are in a certain age range.

Depending on the site, a user might be able to send a message to another user, or to do a voice call (often using VOIP).

Problems[change | change source]

These sites also have a number of problems:

  • There may be fake profiles, of people that do not exist.
  • There are no background checks on the users; there have been several cases of sex workers using such sites.
  • People on these sites may be involved in other kinds of fraud.
  • Most of the time, men use such sites; the different portals usually do not publish the ratio of male to female members.
  • Most of the sites are based on a subscription-model; this carries the risk of high costs, due to contracts that run for a long time, for example.

Sociologists have also pointed out other problems:

  • In many cases the matching algorithms are not very good
  • Very often, relationships are also based one person finding the other physically attractive. A match-making purely based on a checklist of common interests completely neglects this.