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Designer(s)Hermann Zapf
Date made available1958
VariationsOptima Nova

Optima is a sans serif typeface. It was designed by Hermann Zapf. Some of the lines are a little wider at the ends, which looks a little like serifs but is not.

Optima was inspired by classical Roman capital letters and the stone-carving of Renaissance period tombstones Zapf saw in Florence, Italy in 1950 on a holiday.[1]

Zapf intended Optima to be a typeface that could be used for both body text and for titles. Zapf used only this typeface in his book About Alphabets.[2]

The first release of Optima is the one used the most. Like many sans serif fonts, it has an oblique style instead of an italic.[3] In Optima nova, a later release, this is replaced by a true italic.

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  3. An oblique style has the letter forms slanting, whereas a true italic is a completely different style from the normal medium typeface.