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Paper cranes

An orizuru (折鶴 ori- "folded," tsuru "crane"), or paper crane, is a classically designed paper Japanese origami.[1] Red paper cranes is a representation of the Japanese red-crowned crane which is special in Japanese culture. The orizuru is often is used restaurant table decoration.[2] Senbazuru (千羽鶴), which means "thousand cranes," are one thousand paper cranes strung together.

References[change | change source]

  1. The East 1970 Page 293 "Follow the instructions on the next page. Crease the paper tightly, and you will obtain clear-cut J forms. The first in our series is the orizuru (folded crane), which is the most classic of all Japanese origami. The process of folding is not so simple."
  2. Patsy Wang-Iverson, Robert J. Lang, Mark Yim Origami 5: Fifth International Meeting of Origami Science 2011 Page 8 "The older pieces are ceremonial wrappers, including ocho and mecho, and the newer ones are the traditional models we know well, such as the orizuru (crane) and yakko-san (servant) [Takagi 99]."