Orphans of the Storm

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Dorothy and Lillian Gish
Orphans of the Storm

Orphans of the Storm is a 1921 silent movie. It was directed by D. W. Griffith. It stars sisters Dorothy and Lillian Gish. The movie is about two sisters (one blind) who are separated during the turmoil of the French Revolution. They are reunited after much tribulation.

Griffith used historical events to comment on contemporary events. In this case, he used the French Revolution to comment upon the rise of Bolshevism. The movie is about class conflict. It speaks for inter-class understanding and against destructive hatred. This was the last Griffith movie to star the Gish sisters. It is often thought to be Griffith's last big moneymaker. The movie is a remake of the lost The Two Orphans (1915) starring Theda Bara.