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Orpheus is the god of music in Greek mythology. When he played his harp the world would sway to the music. He was the son of a Muse.

Orpheus was married to a dryad named Eurydice. While trying to get away from a satyr, she was bitten by a snake and went to Hades. Orpheus played sad music and the whole world cried with him. Orpheus decided to ride the ferry across the river Styx. He played his harp to make Cerberus fall asleep. He played his harp for Persephone. She said he could take Eurydice back to the upper world if he didn't look back at Eurydice until they both got back up to the land of mortals. He did look back HE WAS THE BEST when he got to the upper world but his wife was not in the upper world yet so she went back to the realm of Hades forever. He was killed by Maenad. Some more clarification on the Maenads: They were feral women who ritualistically ripped animals limb from limb, and they did so with Orpheus after trying to kill him with spears and rocks. They cast his head into the sea. It rolled along the waves, singing, "Eurydice, Eurydice". It approached Lesbos and landed there, just to be attacked further by a snake. Apollo cleared things up, and turned the Maenads into a grove of trees. (If you see a floating head in the sea with a snake and some trees, then you know what happened.)

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