Out of body experience

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An out-of-body-experience (OBE or OOBE) is a feeling of not being where your body is.

The term out-of-body experience was introduced in 1943.[1] It was adopted as an alternative to beliefs such as "astral projection" or "spirit walking". OBEs can be induced by traumatic brain injuries, sensory deprivation, near-death experiences, dissociative and psychedelic drugs, dehydration, sleep disorders, dreaming, and electrical stimulation of the brain.[2] It can also be deliberately induced.[3] One in ten people has an OBE at least once.[4][5]

OBEs happen most when a person is waking up or going to sleep.[6][7] Locale II places are more like dream worlds or heavens.[8]

What OBEs are[change | change source]

Some people think OBEs are just dreams, but other people say OBEs don't feel like that. Some people think that when others have an OBE, they're like a ghost and the things they see are real. People who think that sometimes call them 'astral projections'. Some scientists like Sam Parnia are doing tests with hidden pictures in hospitals, to see if ill people really can see them when they have NDEs.[9]

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