Outeniqua Mountains

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Outeniqua Mountains
Outeniqua Pass01.jpg
Outeniqua Pass
Highest point
PeakCradock Peak
Elevation1,578 m (5,177 ft)
Coordinates33°45′0″S 23°0′00″E / 33.75000°S 23.00000°E / -33.75000; 23.00000Coordinates: 33°45′0″S 23°0′00″E / 33.75000°S 23.00000°E / -33.75000; 23.00000
Outeniqua Mountains is located in South Africa
Outeniqua Mountains
Outeniqua Mountains
CountrySouth Africa
ProvinceWestern Cape

The Outeniqua Mountains, named after the Outeniqua Khoikhoi who lived there, is a mountain range that runs on the southern coast of South Africa. The mountain receives its name from the local language of the Khoikhoi tribe with its name meaning "they who bear honey".[1]

It forms a continuous range with the Langeberg to the west and the Tsitsikamma Mountains to the east. It was known as "Serra de Estrella" ("Mountain of the Star") to the Portuguese.[2] The mountains are part of the Garden Route of South Africa.

The highest peak in this mountain range is Mount Cradock. It has an elevation of 1578 m above sea-level. The second tallest peak is the 1370 m tall George Peak. Several roads and a railway route pass through the Outeniqua Mountains. One of the most famous routes through this mountain range is the Outeniqua Pass which connects the city of George and the Garden Route to the Little Karoo and Oudtshoorn which is known as the world’s ostrich capital.

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