Outrigger skis

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Sitting skier skiing downhill
Australian skier David Munk goes down a hill at the Winter Paralympics with the aid of outriggers
Xx0188 - 1988 winter paralympics - 3b - scans (6).jpg
Allison Jones using outrigger skis

Outrigger skis are skis that are used by para-skiers to help with balance, turn, control their rate of motion, stop and make greater the direction of turns.[1] [2] They be different in size and level, and have different things.[3] Being dependent on the total number of skis used by the skier (1 or 2), outrigger ski form is sometimes named "Three Track Skiing" or "Four Track Skiing".[4][3] When falling, skiers are taught to move their arms to put a stop to falling on the outrigger ski and damaging themselves.[5]

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