Palau national football team

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AssociationPalau Football Association
Top scorerStephen Stefano
Home stadiumPalau National Stadium
First colours
Second colours
Elo ranking
Current 238 Steady (3 March 2019)[1]
Highest222 (August 1998)
Lowest238 (March 2018)
First international
 Vanuatu 6–2 Palau 
(Adelaide, Australia; 27 March 1987)
Biggest win
 Palau 7–1 Yap 
(Koror, Palau; 27 July 1998)
 Palau 7–1 Pohnpei 
(Koror, Palau; 28 July 1998)
Biggest defeat
 Palau 2–15 Guam 
(Koror, Palau; 1 August 1998)

Palau national football team is the national football team of Palau.

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