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Papal Navy

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Papal Navy
Marina Pontificia
Naval Flag
Disbanded1870; 154 years ago (1870)
(1878; 146 years ago (1878) official by pope)
CountryPapal States
PatronSaint Peter
Saint Paul
EngagementsBattle of Ostia
Battle of Lepanto
Napoleonic Wars
Italian Unification
Alessandro Cialdi
Marcantonio Colonna

The Papal Navy (Italian: Marina Pontificia, "Pontifical Navy"; Latin: Classis Pontificiae[1]) was the main navy of the Papal States from the Battle of Ostia (879) until the Fall of the Papal States in 1871.

Ships[change | change source]

  • At Lepanto:
    • Capitana ("flagship")
    • Padrona ("squadron flagship")
    • Suprema (Supreme)
    • Serena (Serene)
    • Pace (Peace)
    • Vittoria (Victoria)
    • Grifona (Gryphon)
    • Santa Maria
    • San Giovanni
    • Regina (Queen)
  • San Bonaventura (St. Bonaventure)[2]
  • San Pietro, a schooner
  • San Pietro, an earlier brig broken up in 1807
  • Roma, a steamer
  • Immacolata Concezione (Immaculate Conception), a corvette

Gallery[change | change source]

Commandant Alessandro Cialdi.
Marcantonio Colonna, The Commandant of Papal Navy during Lepanto.
Crew of Papal Navy.

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