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animated scheme of a paternoster
animated scheme of a paternoster
Modern Paternoster in a government building in Berlin
Another paternoster. The signs read Do not use in case of fire, Children and frail people are not allowed to use the installation, Goods transport prohibited from top to bottom.

A Paternoster is a type of elevator. Its design is different from that of other elevators. It has several cabins that constantly move up and down. They are linked on a chain. People can stop on or off at any floor they like.

Paternosters have advantages and disadvantages. As an advantage, it is always possible to take them in either direction. Since the elevator moves at a slow speed, it is slower than a modern elevator. It takes longer to get to distant floors. Also, using a paternoaster takes some training. Paternosters are nearly impossible to use for disabled people.