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Paweł Huelle

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Paweł Huelle

Paweł Marek Huelle (10 September 1957 – 27 November 2023)[1] was a Polish author, critic, journalist and university lecturer. He was born in Gdańsk, Poland.[2]

Career[change | change source]

Huelle studied philology (language) at Gdańsk University. After that, he was the press secretary for Solidarity (Solidarnosc).[2] He also taught various subjects at schools in Gdansk at the same time.[3] Later he worked as the director of the Gdańsk Polish Television Center.[3]

His first novel was Weiser Dawidek. It was published in 1987. It made him famous in Poland. It is about five young friends in Gdańsk. Polish literary critics called it a masterpiece and the most important Polish literary work of the decade.[3] "Once one begins reading Weiser Dawidek, the book can hardly be put down. Like Opowiadania, it is written with undeniably great talent."[4] Huelle was the Polish winner of the Samuel-Bogumil-Linde-Preis for 2005.[3]

Most of Huelle's stories are set in Gdańsk. He says that city is "full of all kinds of ghosts. I'm not saying it's beautiful or wonderful in any way – but it's strange."[2] Huelle has also published several short stories[5]

He died in Gdańsk aged 66 on 27 November 2023.[6]

Publications[change | change source]

  • Weiser Dawidek (1987),
  • Opowiadania na czas przeprowadzki (1991),
  • Wiersze (1994),
  • Pierwsza miłość i inne opowiadania (1996),
  • Inne historie (1999),
  • Mercedes-Benz. Z listów do Hrabala (2001),
  • Byłem samotny i szczęśliwy (2002),
  • Castorp (2004),
  • Ostatnia Wieczerza (2007),
  • Opowieści chłodnego morza (2008),
  • Śpiewaj ogrody (2014).

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