Peng Xiaolian

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Peng in the United States, 1989

Peng Xiaolian (simplified Chinese: 彭小莲; traditional Chinese: ; 26 June 1953 – 19 June 2019) was a Chinese movie director, scriptwriter and author. She graduated from the Beijing Film Academy in 1982. She was considered a member of the Fifth Generation. She moved to the U.S. to live in New York in 1989, and before moving back to China in 1996. Many of her movies focused on the city of Shanghai. She directed the movies Women's Story (1989), A Dog to Kill (1997), Once Upon a Time in Shanghai (1998), Keke's Magic Umbrella (2000), Shanghai Women (2002), Shanghai Story (2004), Shanghai Rumba (2006) and Shanghai Kids (2008). Shanghai Story won four Golden Rooster Awards, including the Best Picture and Best Director awards.

Peng was born in Hunan. She died on 19 June 2019 in Shanghai, at the age of 66.[1]

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