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A personal injury lawyer is a lawyer that provides his services to people that claim to be injured, badly treated or exposed to unnecessary danger and want to get repayment for such a situation. Each country has its own rules and exams that you need to pass to be allowed to work in this field.[1] Such a lawyer will have a very targeted set of skills and knowledge in health, work and safety laws.[2]

A personal injury lawyer is an attorney-at-law that represents those making a claim for injuries including, physical, psychological, & reputation which have occurred as a result of wrongdoing or negligence.[3] The area of law practice for A personal injury compensation lawyer is that of civil matters, or Tort Law.Civil matters are disputes between two persons. This is different to criminal law . Most cases handled by Personal Injury Lawyers end up with settlement (agreement between company and employee where second gets paid some sum of money in exchange for stopping the trial) rather than go to the court.