Petting zoo

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Petting zoo with a child

A petting zoo is a small zoo where visitors (mostly children) can get up close to animals and pet them. Animals in such zoos are typically gentle, domesticated baby animals like lambs, piglets, chicks, puppies, kittens, ducklings, and bunnies.

Petting zoos are usually a children's feature of larger zoos. Backdrops may be fairy tale settings such as the three pigs' houses of straw, twigs, and brick or Old Macdonald's farm. Wishing wells, footbridges, and other objects that appeal to children may also be featured. Food for the children to give to the animals may be available.

Sometimes petting zoos are found along roadsides in farm country. Petting zoos are well supervised to prevent injury to either children or the animals. A small fee might be charged to enter a petting zoo.