Pico Ruivo

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Pico Ruivo
Pico Ruivo in Madeira island.
Highest point
Elevation1,862 m (6,109 ft)[1]
Prominence1,862 m (6,109 ft)[1]
Coordinates32°45′32″N 16°56′35″W / 32.75889°N 16.94306°W / 32.75889; -16.94306[1]
Easiest routeFrom Achada do Teixeira

Pico Ruivo ("red peak" in Portuguese) is, with its 1,862 m (6,109 ft), the highest point of the island of Madeira and the third summit of Portugal (after Mount Pico in Pico Island, Azores, and Torre in continental Portugal).

Pico Ruivo is in the Central Mountainous Massif, in the municipality of Santana, where there are also other high mountains like the Pico das Torres, with 1,850 m (6,070 ft) and the Pico do Arieiro, with 1,818 m (5,965 ft).[2]

Plants[change | change source]

Although of moderate altitude, the top has a very rocky landscape. The only vegetation that can develop there is of plants that grow on or among rocks.

There are two main types of vegetation: one with heathers, widespread on the island, and another with few herbaceous plants. A special feature for this altitude is the presence of small shrubs and heather trees.

Wildlife[change | change source]

View towards Pico das Torres and Pico Ruivo from Pico do Arieiro.

Some birds found on Pico Ruivo are the common blackbird, chaffinch and the Madeira firecrest. The red-legged partridge and the common linnet also nest on Pico Ruivo.

Until a few years ago, its slopes were used for raising goats, sheep and cows. However, to conserve the biodiversity in the region (such as the protection of the bird freira-da-madeira and plant communities in altitude), this practice was prohibited and the entire area around the peak is recovering.

Hiking[change | change source]

The summit of Pico Ruivo can be reached only on foot:[3]

  • from Achada do Texeira (north-east, 1,592 meters) by a trail;
  • from the Pico do Arieiro (southeast), the third highest mountain of the island, along a path about 10 km (6.2 mi) long; or
  • by the west, especially from Curral das Freiras.

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