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Pig (zodiac)

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"Pig" in Traditional (top) and Simplified (bottom) Chinese characters
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese

The Boar (豬) (is the current year in 2019 symbolizing the year of the Earth Pig); is the twelfth of the 12-year cycle of animals that appear in the Chinese zodiac in relation to the Chinese Calendar. In the continuous sexagenary cycle, every twelfth year refers to hai, and is commonly called the Year of the Pig 豬. There are five types of Pigs, named after Chinese elements. In order, they are: Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth.

In the Japanese zodiac and the Tibetan zodiac, the Pig is replaced by the boar. In the Dai zodiac, the Pig is replaced by the elephant. In the Gurung zodiac, the Pig is replaced by the deer.

Pig in Chinese zodiac[change | change source]

Sexagenary cycle years

According to myths, the Pig was the last to arrive when the Jade Emperor called for the great meeting. Other sources say that the Buddha asked for a great meeting when he was about to leave Earth. The Pig came last.

There are legends that as the emperor called one day, an oink and squeal was heard from a little Pig. The term "lazy Pig" is appropriate here as the Pig is hungry in the race, immediately stops for a feast and then falls asleep. After sleeping, the Pig continues the race and is named the 12th and final animal of the zodiac cycle.

Start date End date Heavenly Branch
4 February 1935 23 January 1936 Wood Pig
22 January 1947 9 February 1948 Fire Pig
8 February 1959 27 January 1960 Earth Pig
27 January 1971 14 February 1972 Metal Pig
13 February 1983 1 February 1984 Water Pig
31 January 1995 18 February 1996 Wood Pig
18 February 2007 6 February 2008 Fire Pig
5 February 2019 24 January 2020 Earth Pig
23 January 2031 10 February 2032 Metal Pig
10 February 2043 29 January 2044 Water Pig
28 January 2055 14 February 2056 Wood Pig
14 February 2067 2 February 2068 Fire Pig
2 February 2079 21 January 2080 Earth Pig
18 February 2091 6 February 2092 Metal Pig
4 February 2103 28 January 2104 Water Pig

Chinese Zodiac Pig Compatibility Grid[change | change source]

Sign Best match Average Match No match
Pig Rabbit, Goat and Tiger Rat, Ox, Dragon, Horse, Rooster Snake

Falling Stars and difficulties[change | change source]

Most fortunate Good luck Luck standard No luck
Rabbit, Tiger, Rat, Ox Rooster, Dog Goat, Horse Snake, Dragon, Monkey, Pig

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