Plague doctor

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„Doktor of Rome“ Artwork of Paulus Fürst 1656. With such clothing doctors in Rome wanted to protect themselves from getting the Black Death (in Rome, 1656).

A Plague doctor was a doctor in the 1300s who tried to stop plague from spreading.

Clothes[change | change source]

The doctors would also carry canes to poke bodies to test if they were still alive and to remind them to stay the correct distance away. The doctors could also examine patients using the cane. The doctors would wear large masks that looked like birds' beaks. This was because people believed the plague spread on bad air. The beaks of the masks were filled with plants, vinegar sponges, or perfume to protect the doctor from the bad air. Plague doctors wore robes covered in wax so body fluids would not stick to it. They wore glass goggles over their eyes. They would wear goggles if they could.[1][2]

In popular culture[change | change source]

People in the Venetian Carnival dress as plague doctors.[1]

References[change | change source]

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