Political freedom

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There are different ideas of freedom. In terms of politics, there are various large movements:

  • Liberalism thinks that the freedom of each person is important. Things such as human rights, or a number of freedoms guaranteed by a constitution are achievements of liberal thinkers.
  • Anarchism is against all forms of government. Anarchists think there should be no government.
  • Conservatism thinks that the current institutions and organisation are a result of culture. It thinks that the concepts that are there are not bad, and that new structures and ideas should build on them.
  • Socialism and Communism think that the working class has been exploited. According to Karl Marx personal liberty has been exchanged for the exchange of goods and services.
  • Nationalism tries to put the own people first. One's own people should have the right to not be oppressed.
  • In Totalitarianism, there's one leader (or a very small group of people) who determines what is good for the people.