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Polity IV

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The Polity IV scale is a yearly assessment that assesses most sovereign states with a population above 500,000. They are split into five categories: full democracies, democracies, open anocracies, closed anocracies, and autocracies. Status by country: Full Democracies (Score of 10): United States Canada United Kingdom Germany Japan Democracies (Score of 9 to 6): Mexico (8 points) Brazil (8 points) France (9 points) Turkey (9 points) India (9 points) Open anocracies (Score of 5 to 1): Venezuela (4 points) Nigeria (5 points) Russia (4 points) Closed anocracies (Score of -1 to -5): Morocco (-3 points) Egypt (-3 points) Afghanistan (-1 point) Autocracies (Score of -6 to -10): Cuba (-7 points) Syria (-9 points) Iran (-7 points) China (-7 points) North Korea (-10 points)