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Cargo Ships in Gladstone Harbour 2010

The Port of Gladstone is a seaport in Gladstone, Queensland. It exports the fourth largest amount of coal of any seaport in the world.[1]

The port has several different parts to it. Auckland Point was where coal began to be exported in 1925.[2] Later, live horses were moved there in the mid 1930s.[2] Barney Point was used to export coal from Moura.[2] Barney Point was made part of the Port of Gladstone in November 1998.[2]

The Fisherman’s Landing part was opened in 1980.[2] It was expanded in the 1990s and is planned to be expanded more.[2] Boyne Wharf is used by the Boyne Island aluminium smelter and was opened in August 1982.[2] The South Trees part of the port have been used by Queensland Alumina Limited, an aluminum company.[2] The RG Tanna Coal Terminal was opened in 1997 and is used to export coking coal to Japanese steel mills.[2]

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