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A 17th century map showing the location of the port.
Humber Dock in 1952, this closed in 1968 and became Hull Marina in 1983

The Port of Hull is a major sea port in the city of Kingston upon Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire, England. The port is located on the River Humber which leads to the North Sea. Around one million passengers use the port to get to Rotterdam, The Netherlands and Zeebrugge, Belgium. The port is used for the import of timber in the United Kingdom. The port has its own goods railway which is used to transport cargo inland.

Docks[change | change source]

Former docks[change | change source]

The remaining docks are only the larger ones in the East of the city. Until the 1960s there were some in the city centre such as Humber Dock which became Hull Marina and Junction Dock which is now the site of Princes Quay shopping centre. The Old Dock was filled in and is now Queens Gardens, St Andrews Dock was closed off and silted up (some of it is now a retail park), the Victoria Dock closed in the 1980s and is now a housing estate, the Railway Dock closed in the 1960s and was later used as an extension to the Hull Marina.

Existing docks[change | change source]

The Albert and William Wright Dock is still used for cargo. The fishing industry has also been moved there. The Alexandra Dock closed in the 1980s but soon reopened. It is now also used for cargo. The King George and Queen Elizabeth Docks are used for passengers.