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Pre-algebra is a branch of mathematics which is studied typically in American education usually taught in 8th grade to prepare students for algebra 1 and 2, geometry, and other subjects that are taught in high school. It is studied to prepare students for algebra. Pre-Algebra is used to allow students to understand usage of variables and enhance their ability of understanding, reading and creating graphs. Pre-algebra often still deals with basic math, while adding letters, commonly used are x and y.

Subjects students often learn include:

Pre-algebra is mainly about equations and evaluating what certain variables are. An example is 3y+x-3=y-x+10 say we need to solve for x. we would need to subtract 3y from both sides of the equal sign. So it becomes x-3=10-2y-x next we need to add 3. So x=13-2y-x, and then add x to each side. 2x=13-2y divide each side by 2 so x=-y+13/2.

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