President of North Macedonia

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President of the Republic of North Macedonia
Претседател на Република Северна Македонија (Macedonian)
Presidenti i Republikës së Maqedonisë së Veriut (Albanian)
Coat of arms of the President of North Macedonia.svg
Stevo Pendarovski

since 12 May 2019
ResidenceVilla Vodno[1]
AppointerDirect election
Term lengthFive years
renewable once
Constituting instrumentConstitution of North Macedonia
Formation16 April 1991
First holderKiro Gligorov
Salary17,250 USD annually[2]

The president of the Republic of North Macedonia (Macedonian: Претседател на Република Северна Македонија; is the head of state of North Macedonia. The presidency of the modern North Macedonia state began after the Macedonian declaration of independence on 8 September 1991.

Its first president was Kiro Gligorov, the oldest president in the world until his resignation in 1999.

North Macedonia's presidency is largely a ceremonial post and the prime minister of North Macedonia is the country's main political figure.

The president must be a citizen of North Macedonia, be over 40 years of age and have lived in North Macedonia for at least ten of the last fifteen years.[3]

List of presidents[change | change source]

Republic of Macedonia[change | change source]


  LPM   DA   VMRO–DPMNE   SDSM   Independent

  Acting president
No. Portrait Name
Term of office Political Party Election
Took office Left office Time in office
Kiro Gligorov
Kiro Gligorov
18 September 19914 October 19954 years, 16 daysSDSM1994
Stojan Andov
Stojan Andov
(born 1935)
4 October 199517 November 199544 daysLPM
Kiro Gligorov
Kiro Gligorov
17 November 199519 November 19994 years, 2 daysSDSM
Savo Klimovski
Savo Klimovski
(born 1947)
19 November 199915 December 199926 daysDA
Boris Trajkovski
Boris Trajkovski
(Died in plane crash)
15 December 199926 February 2004 †4 years, 73 daysInternal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization – Democratic Party for Macedonian National Unity1999
Ljupčo Jordanovski
Ljupčo Jordanovski
26 February 200412 May 200476 daysSDSM
Branko Crvenkovski
Branko Crvenkovski
(born 1962)
12 May 200412 May 20095 years, 0 daysSDSM2004
Gjorge Ivanov
Gjorge Ivanov
(born 1960)
12 May 200912 May 201910 years, 0 daysInternal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization – Democratic Party for Macedonian National Unity2009
Stevo Pendarovski
Stevo Pendarovski
(born 1963)
12 May 2019Incumbent3 years, 316 daysSDSM2019

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