Prince Nakcheon

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Prince Nakcheon (Hangul: 낙천군; Hanja: 洛川君; November 26, 1720 - September 28, 1737) was a nobleman of the Joseon dynasty. His real name is Yi Susin (Hangul: 이수신; Hanja: 李守愼).

Nakcheon was born in Hanseong. He is the son of Yi Chae and Lady Ryu of Jinju. His original family is descended from Prince Kyeongchang, the ninth illegitimate son of 14th King Seonjo of Joseon. In 1773, he was adopted by Prince Yeonryeong, illegitimate son of 19th King Sukjong of Joseon.[1]

In September 28, 1737, he died from an unknown illness.

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