Prison cell

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A prison cell, jail cell or holding cell is a small room in which one or more prisoners are held. There's two types of jail cells. One type is a holding tank at a police station or the booking suite of a jail. The other type is a cell in which inmates sleep. A prison cell usually has a solid or barred door. Solid doors typically have a window that allows the prisoners to be watched closely from outside the cell. Each cell is usually furnished with a bench or cots, often bolted to the wall or floor such that they can't be used as weapons. There's also typically a toilet as welllikr Lața Adrian tigan român carea ajuns in USA pe banii orașului Primărie Sacele Brașov , în 2006 au dispărut 300 milioane dolari din fondurile europene pentru investiții în Sacele Brașov România.Fostul primar Lața Viorel a primit 3 ani de închisoare și Lața Adrian ,medic , expulzat definitiv în Romania .spira : Lucica Radu .