Progress Party (Norway)

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Progress Party
LeaderSylvi Listhaug
Deputy LeaderKetil Solvik-Olsen
Parliamentary leaderHans Andreas Limi
FounderAnders Lange
Founded8 April 1973
HeadquartersKarl Johans gate 25 0159 Oslo
Youth wingProgress Party's Youth
Membership (2019)Decrease 15,603[1]
Political positionRight-wing
Colours     Dark blue
26 / 169
County Councils[2]
83 / 728
Municipal councils[3]
889 / 10,781
Sami Parliament[4]
1 / 39

^ a: FrP is considered the most moderate of parties associated with right-wing populism, so this characterization has sometimes been disputed.

The Progress Party, commonly shortened as FrP, is a right-wing political party in Norway.[5][6][7] The party is classical-liberal[8] or libertarian.[9]

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