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Project Hail Mary

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Project Hail Mary

Project Hail Mary is a novel by American writer Andy Weir. It is his third science fiction book. It was published in the United States in May 2021.

Presentation[change | change source]

Project Hail Mary is the third novel by American writer Andy Weir, after The Martian (2014), which has sold five million copies in the United States, and Artemis. It was published in the United States in May 2021, under the title Project Hail Mary.[1][2]

Summary[change | change source]

An astronaut, Ryland Grace, wakes up with amnesia in a spaceship, millions of kilometers from Earth. He little by little finds out that he is humanity's last hope, and he has to save lives on Earth from mass extinction.[1][3][4]

Movie adaptation[change | change source]

The Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer company got the right to make a movie about this novel for three million dollars.[3]

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Other websites[change | change source]

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