Proteus Airlines Flight 706

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Proteus Airlines Flight 706 was a scheduled local flight from Lyon, France to Lorient, France. On July 30, 1998, Flight 706 collided in mid-air with a Cessna 177 light aircraft over Quiberon Bay. This disaster was known as the Quiberon Bay mid-air collision.[1][2]

Proteus Airlines Flight 706
DateJuly 30, 1998
SummaryMid-air collision due to Pilot error
SiteQuiberon Bay
Total fatalities15
Total survivors0
First aircraft

A Beechcraft 1900D of Proteus Airlines, similar to the accident aircraft
TypeBeechcraft 1900D
OperatorProteus Airlines
Flight originLyon Satolas Airport
Lyon, France
DestinationLorient-Lann Bihoué Airport
Lorient, France
Second aircraft

A Cessna 177RG Cardinal, similar to the accident aircraft
TypeCessna 177RG Cardinal
Flight originVannes Airport
Meucon, France

Investigation[change | change source]

The investigation revealed that the Cessna's transponder had not been switched on.

In documentation published by the Aeronautical Information Service in 1997 and 1998 and probably used by the pilot of the Cessna, the use of a transponder while operating under visual flight rules could be interpreted as optional. As a result of the transponder being off, the Cessna was not depicted on the radar screen of the Lorient approach controller and its traffic information could not be relayed to the crew of the Beechcraft.

Following this accident, the BEA recommended that pilots should only cancel instrument flight rules flight plans in cases of necessity.

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