Qinghai Lake

Coordinates: 37°00′N 100°08′E / 37.000°N 100.133°E / 37.000; 100.133
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Qinghai Lake
From space (November 1994). North is to the left.
Qinghai Lake is located in Qinghai
Qinghai Lake
Qinghai Lake
LocationQinghai, China
Coordinates37°00′N 100°08′E / 37.000°N 100.133°E / 37.000; 100.133
TypeEndorheic salt lake
Surface area4,186 km2 (1,616 sq mi) (2004)
4,489 km2 (1,733 sq mi) (2007)[1]
Max. depth32.8 m (108 ft)
Surface elevation3,260 m (10,700 ft)
IslandsSand Island, Bird Islands
SettlementsHaiyan County

The Qinghai Lake, or Ch'inghai Lake, is the largest lake in China. It is in the Qinghai Province, which is where the lake gets its name. The lake has a surface area of 4,186 square kilometres (1,616 sq mi). The lake is a alkaline salt lake. Its size has changed over time. During the 20th century, it became smaller, but has been getting larger since 2004. The average depth of the lake was 21 metres (69 ft) in 2008. The deepest part of the lake was 25.5 metres (84 ft).[2][3]

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