Qom province

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Qom Province
استان قم
Map of Iran with Qom highlighted
Location of Qom within Iran
Coordinates: 34°38′44″N 50°52′47″E / 34.6456°N 50.8798°E / 34.6456; 50.8798Coordinates: 34°38′44″N 50°52′47″E / 34.6456°N 50.8798°E / 34.6456; 50.8798
 • Total11,526 km2 (4,450 sq mi)
 • Total1,064,456
 • Density92/km2 (240/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+03:30 (IRST)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+04:30 (IRST)
Main language(s)Persian

Qom is one of the 30 provinces of Iran with an area of 11,237 square kilometres (4,339 square miles). About 2 million people live in the Qom Province. The capital of the province is Qom.

Sights[change | change source]

The following lists some of the sights of the Qom Province of Iran that are the most visited:

  • Kahak Cave
  • Vashnuh Cave
  • Howz e Soltan Salt Lake
  • Namak Great Salt Lake
  • Mar'ashi Najafi Library, with over 500,000 handwritten texts and copies.
  • Astaneh Moqaddaseh Museum
  • Qom Bazaar
  • Feyzieh Seminary
  • Jamkaran Mosque
  • Qom Jame' Mosque
  • Qom Atiq Mosque
  • A'zam Mosque
  • Shrine of Hazrat Masoumeh