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King's Privy Council for Canada

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King's Privy Council for Canada
Conseil privé du Roi pour le Canada
AbbreviationPrivy Council, KPC
Legal statusNon-executive advisory body
List of current members
Charles III
Dominic LeBlanc
Ian Shugart
Privy Council Office
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The King's Privy Council for Canada (KPC; French: Conseil privé du Roi pour le Canada; called the Queen's Privy Council for Canada when there is a queen[1][2]), sometimes called just the Privy Council,[3] is a group of people that help the monarch (king or queen) of Canada. They give advice to the monarch on events related to the government. The monarch or the person that represents them (the Governor General) must follow the advice of a group of people in the Privy Council, called the cabinet, who are usually part of the government and are usually Members of Parliament (MPs). Those who are part of the Privy Council are called "Privy Councillors".

When people join the Privy Council, they become members of it for the rest of their lives. They are chosen by the Governor General based on who the Prime Minister says should be in the council.[4] That causes many of the Privy Councillors to be ex-members of the cabinet. Other Privy Councillors might be people that have important roles, like being the Leader of the Opposition.


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