Queen of Outer Space

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Gabor, 1955

Queen of Outer Space is a 1958 science fiction movie. The screenplay was written by Charles Beaumont and Edward Bernds (uncredited). It was based on an outline by Ben Hecht. The movie was directed by Edward Bernds. It was shot in CinemaScope.

Cast member Lisa Davis said that Gabor's costumes were custom-made while those for the rest of the cast were "retreads" from Forbidden Planet. Davis and co-star Patrick Waltz fell in love at first sight on the set. The two married in June 1958.[1]

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Story[change | change source]

Captain Patterson and his crew crash-land on Venus. They are captured by Venusians. The planet is ruled by cruel Queen Yllana. She wears a mask. She has banished men from the planet. The women long for the love of men again. The astronauts are helped by the beautiful Talleah and her friends.

They plot to overthrow the evil Queen. Patterson removes the Queen's mask. She is scarred by radiation burns caused by men and their wars. In a rage, the Queen tries to destroy Earth and its warlike peoples. She dies in the attempt. The Venusians are free to enjoy the love of men again.

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