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The RPG Maker is a software which can be used to develop RPG (Role Playing Game) games easily even for people that are not experienced in game design (making games). Until 2003 the program has been created by the Japanese company ASCII. From then on Enterbrain continued the development. The RPG Maker has a Graphical User Interface (GUI) which makes operating very simple. The software contains many options to customize a game. Within every version is a Run Time Package (RTP). The RTP contains many different graphics and sounds, although self-created files can be imported into the program as long as they are in the correct format(size, type of file, ...).

Versions[change | change source]

RPG Maker 2000[change | change source]

  • Released on April 2000 in Europe for Microsoft Windows.
  • Resolution of 320x240 (Based on the idea that the games should look like Super Nintendo games).
  • Unofficially translated by Don Miguel.
  • Many unofficially patches developed by the communities to make the software better.
  • Most used version in the Community.

RPG Maker 2003[change | change source]

  • Released on December 2003 in Japan for Microsoft Windows.
  • Third person side view Battle System (Within fights characters and monsters are displayed from the side).
  • The maximum limit of displayed pictures at the same time has been set from 20 to 50.

RPG Maker XP[change | change source]

  • Released on July 2004 in English for Microsoft Windows.
  • First version which has been fully translated into English by the company itself. (Worldwide Release: September 2005)
  • Resolution of 1240x440.
  • Complex Programming has been realized with the language Ruby.

RPG Maker VX[change | change source]

  • Release Dates: Japan December 2007, Worldwide February 2008
  • Simple Battle System
  • Supports Ruby

RPG Maker VM[change | change source]

  • Released: October 2015
  • Supports Android Export
  • Supports Java Script

Well-known games[change | change source]

German[change | change source]

Vampires Dawn [1] by Marlex

It is the most successful RPG Maker game that has ever been developed in Germany. Many local magazines (Screenfun, Gamestar) wrote about this game. At first Vampires Dawn has been made for the computer like all RPG Maker games. After that Marlex developed another game about vampires for mobile phones. Currently an independent company called Clockstone is working on a release of Vampires Dawn for the Nintendo Dual Core.

Velsarbor [2] by Lachsen

This is a demonstration of a high level of the technical power of the RPG Maker 2000. Lachsen is known to be one of the best coders in the German scene.

French[change | change source]

Final Fantasy 0 [3] by nhard

This is a demonstration of a high level of the mental power of the MMORPG Maker 2010.