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Radiation protection

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Radiation protection is the protection of people from the unhealthy side effects of radiation. Radiation effects can be inside or outside the body.

Ionizing radiation is used frequently in medicine and industry, and can be very dangerous. There are two types of effects of ionizing radiation. At high level exposure, there are "tissue" effects. These effects cause clear, direct harm to the body, such as acute radiation syndrome. At low levels, the danger of someone getting cancer increases. There aren't clear signs of damage at low doses. One important part of radiation protection is to shorten time spent around radioactive material. There are things used to measure how much radiation someone gets, so they are exposed to as little as possible. These can measure exposure on both the inside and outside. In order to put a stop to unhealthy side effects, people will wear personal protective equipment. There are also things that can placed in order to keep track of radiation levels, so people are safe. Some of these are portable, so they can be taken place to place.