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Ragdoll, blue mitted.JPG

The ragdoll is a cat breed that is large, with blue eyes, and a semi-longhair soft and silky coat of fur. It is usually mostly white, with light to dark marks.

The ragdoll was first bred by an American breeder named Ann Baker from a Persian-like cat (without a pedigree) and a Birman cat with the Siamese colorpoint gene. It is similar in appearance to the Himalayan, which was bred directly from the Persian and Siamese.

The Ragdoll is gentle, easy going, and affectionate. The breed was named "Ragdoll" because they often go limp and relax like a rag or cloth doll when it is picked up. The original mother cat that the breed was created from was involved in a car accident, but contrary to popular belief, this is not why the breed goes limp when picked up (injuries from an accident are not passed on to offspring genetically).

Ragdoll is a breed that enjoys being around humans and it may follow its owner around the house. Due to its soft nature, it is strictly recommended to be an indoor only cat.

In addition to the colorpoint pattern, Ragdolls may also have mittens (white paws).