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Rage Racer is a 1996 racing video game by Namco where the player controls different cars and wins races in order to become what the game calls "Rage Racer".[1] Four different car manufacturers[2] make cars to drive in the game. Each of the cars has its forte and is sometimes named after it. In the game, the player drives three (four later in the game) courses to try and win a trophy and move to the next class.

Storyline[change | change source]

At the beginning of the game, the game shows a plot of how some elite few "Race Racers" started to race their "worldwide speedway".[3]

Gameplay[change | change source]

Grand Prix[change | change source]

In the Grand Prix mode, the player starts at Class 1. They choose a course and then a car. As the player wins races, they win prize money, or "credits", which are called e.g. in the game.[4] E.g. can be used to buy new upgrades, cars, or courses. If the player loses a race, they lose 1 chance. A player starts with 5 chances per class. If a player loses when they do not have any chances, the game ends. Players can still save, and can still retrieve their credit and cars, but medals and trophies are lost.

Time Trial[change | change source]

Time Trial is a mode where the player races the clock. They choose a car and course, and then are shown the record for the track. Tracks are also divided into "sections", parts of a track.[5]

A player can save or load data with a memory card.

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