Raima Islam Shimu

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Raima Islam Shimu (mononymously known as Shimu[1]) was a Bangladeshi actress, model and TV producer, who has starred in 25 films and numerous TV dramas since 1998.[2]

Disappearance and the discovery of her body[change | change source]

Shimu went missing on January 16, 2022, and her dismembered body was discovered in a sack the following day on January 17, 2022.[3][4] Shimu's husband Sakhawat Ali Nobel was depressed due to various reasons including closure of business. He gradually became suspicious of his wife being unfaithful. This led to marital quarrels, which eventually led to her death by her husband. Shimu reported her husband being abusive to the police sometimes earlier her death.[5] Her husband and his friend planned and executed the murder, and later confessed to the police on January 19.[6]

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