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The ranchu (scientific name Carassius auratus)is a hooded variety of fancy goldfish developed in Japan.

Appearance[change | change source]

Ranchu can reach between 6 and 8 inches(15 to 20 centimeters)with a pale-yellow bodies and bright red heads are rare. Ranchu have a more downturned tail,more-arched backs and have much shorter tails.

Living areas[change | change source]

Ranchu do not grow naturally any more.

Food and water[change | change source]

Raw bloodworm and Daphnia.

Threats[change | change source]

Water pollution and climate change.

Reproduction[change | change source]

The breeding season is from April through May, and females spawn their eggs after mating with males.

Relationship with humans[change | change source]

Ranchu is grown by people.