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Corvus corax (NPS).jpg
A raven
Scientific classification
Binomial name
Corvus corax
Corvus corax map.jpg
Common raven range

A raven is a big black bird, (Corvus corax). It may be called the common raven or the northern raven. It is similar to a crow but bigger. It and the thick-billed raven are the two largest birds in the crow family, and perhaps the heaviest perching birds. The raven's feathers are all black, but a crow has feathers that are white at the bottom. This cannot be seen from a distance.

The most famous raven is in the Edgar Allan Poe story called The Raven.

The common raven can be tamed. Some think it is mischievous and sly, and it has been regarded as a bird of evil and mysterious character.[1]

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Corvus corax eggs